Brotherhood of the Silver Flame

Session 4 - Lost Mine of Phandelver (Part 3) - Redbrand Hideout


  • The party confronted the Redbrand thugs harassing Phandalin town and tracked the leader down to the ruin of the mansion in town. They disposed of the Redbrands and found out Gundren was taken to a place called Cragmaw Castle.
  • They also dealt with the corrupt townmaster who was turning a blind eye to what the Redbrands were doing in Phandalin.

Experience Points

  • 9 Redbrand Ruffians: 900 xp
  • 2 Bugbears: 400 xp
  • 1 Nothic: 450 xp
  • Avoid the animated skeletons: 100 xp
  • Avoiding the pit trap: 100 xp
  • Rescue Dendrar family and getting them safe to town: 100 xp
  • Deal with Iarno Albrek (Glassstaff): 200 xp
  • Deal with corrupt townmaster: 150 xp

Total: 2400 xp, divided over 3 characters: 800 xp per character

This brings the total xp of each character to 1750 xp (950 + 800)




cappinator cappinator

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