Brotherhood of the Silver Flame

Session 5 - Lost Mine of Phandelver (Part 4) - Cragmaw Castle


  • The party discovered the location of Cragmaw Castle
  • After carefully scouting the castle, they made their way inside stealthily and started taking out goblin guards
  • They disposed of the Cragmaw leaders, a bugbear named King Grol and a doppleganger posing as a dark elf

Experience Points

  • Careful approach of the castle & planning: 450 xp
  • Goblins: 7 * 50: 350 xp
  • Avoided the entry hall trap: 100 xp
  • Avoided unnecessary bloodshed: 450 xp
  • Hobgoblins: 2 * 100: 200 xp
  • Grick: 450 xp
  • Owlbear: 700 xp
  • King Grol (bugbear): 200 xp
  • Doppleganger: 700 xp

Total: 3600 xp, divided over three characters: 1200 xp per character

This brings the total up to 2950 xp (1750 + 1200)

All characters reach Level 4!


  • Scroll of Vivification (sold)
  • Scroll of Silence (sold)
  • Scroll of Hold Person
  • Statue: Any non-evil creature grasping the statue can ask it a question and receive a telepathic response, as though it had cast augury. Once a creature in question has asked its question and received a response, it can never activate the statuette again.
  • Gem pouch contained a ring of jumping (requires attunement). The pouch turns out to be a bag of holding.


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