Brotherhood of the Silver Flame

Session 6 - Lost Mind of Phandelver (Part 5) - Old Owl Well


  • After hearing about a sighting of undead, the party decided to check out the Old Owl Well, and eradicate this evil
  • They find and destroy a necromancer accompanied by a throng of zombies

Experience Points

  • Investigate Old Owl Well: 200 xp
  • Defeat evil wizard: 200 xp
  • Defeated 12 zombies: 12 × 50 = 600 xp
  • Bonus xp for not using the tactic “shoot first, ask questions later”: 200 xp (i.e. first talking to the wizard)

Total: 1200 xp, divided over three characters: 400 xp per character.

This brings the total up to 2350 xp (1950 + 400)
Level 5 is reached at 6500 xp.


  • Ring of Protection +1 (Requires attunement)
  • Cash: 54 gp per character


cappinator cappinator

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