Brotherhood of the Silver Flame

Session 2 - Lost Mine of Phandelver (Part 1) - Cragmaw Goblin Hideout

Before the Session

  • Character creation
  • Introductions
  • Introduction to the setting

The Session

  • The Brotherhood of the Silver Flame contacted the characters with an invitation to join. The Brotherhood stands for the conservation of magic for Good and the eradication of evil. The Brotherhood follows Mystra, so most of its members are followers.
  • The party was given a task: Go to Phandalin, meet with a contact in the Stonehill Inn. Contact name: Lyinar Baeleavan
  • The party contacted the guild of mercenaries, looking for a contract that would lead them to Phandalin. This way they could make some money during their travel. Gundren Stoneseeker (dwarf) and Sildar Hallwinter (human) needed an escort to Phandalin.
  • Gundren and Sildar went ahead and left the party to take their trade goods to Phandalin.
  • Route: High Road, turn left onto the Triboar Trail, then right to Phandalin
  • On the road, they came across a burning cart. A robbery had taken place and they recognized the horses of Gundren and Sildar. At this point, they were attacked by goblins.
  • After killing the ambusers, they followed a trail to a cave that served as the base of operations for ambushes.
  • Klarg the Bugbear leads the goblins. Before taking care of him, the party learns that he worked for someone named “The Black Spider”. The assignment was to ambush Gundren and capture him. The Black Spider has already come and collected the hostage and has taken him to Cragmaw Castle. Sildar is rescued, alive but wounded.
  • During the final battle, the party is rescued by a Dire wolf, which turns out to be Lyinar Baeleavan, their contact that was following them in secret.
  • Lyinar is in charge of finding the map to Wave Echo Cave, an old mine that has been lost centuries ago.

Experience Points

  • Arrive at Cragmaw Hideout: 150 xp
  • Goblins: 11 * 50 = 550 xp
  • Wolves: 3 * 50 = 150 xp
  • Klarg: 200 xp
  • Clear out Cragmaw Hideout: 450 xp

Total: 300 + 450 = 750 XP

All characters reached Level 2!


  • Cash: 112 gp
  • Healing potions: 2


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