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Mystra is dead and evil is spreading across the realm. There is a great need for heroes in these desperate times. An age-old secret organisation, known through the realm as the Brotherhood of the Silver Flame is trying to reclaim magic from evil, but their numbers are not what they used to be.

From the once-great city of Neverwinter, currently rebuilding after a great catastrophe hit it a few decades ago, rise two heroes. Their courage and commitment earn them an invitation to join the Brotherhood, but first they must prove themselves.

The realm is in dire need of some new heroes, and these adventurers may just be what it needs…


Forgotten Realms, Sword Coast.



Character Creation and Progression

Character Creation

  1. Distribute 35 points on ability scores, up to a maximum of 18 (before racial bonuses)
    9 = 1 point
    10 = 2 points
    11 = 3 points
    12 = 4 points
    13 = 5 points
    14 = 7 points
    15 = 9 points
    16 = 12 points
    17 = 15 points
  2. Choose an extra feat

Character Progression

  • Multiclassing is allowed
  • Gain an extra feat at levels 2, 6, 10, 14, 18

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